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The perfect getaway you'll remember for a lifetime

We believe all travelers should have the opportunity to discover self-transformation, adventure and the true Pura Vida experience.

After escaping our unhealthy modern world demands and finding the perfect getaway, we discovered the value of seeking optimal wellness, unlocking inner potential, and living harmoniously with nature.

Inspired by these values, we wanted to share this experience and create a premier sanctuary to connect mind, body, and souls.

Whether your goal is to experience adventure, personal growth or simply relax in a hammock, Casa Nautika is here to support your journey.

Surrounded by vibrant jungle and majestic ocean views, Casa Nautika offers instant access to the most sought-after attractions in Costa Rica, including renowned surf breaks, desolate beaches, national parks, waterfalls and many more adventures!

For travelers looking to enjoy a safe, relaxed and healthy living environment, experiencing the natural paradise of Casa Nautika is a must.


Jon and Jessica formed a strong friendship upon meeting about 3 years ago. Through years of collaboration and support of others hosting retreats at Casa Nautika, they are very excited to be synthesizing their individual and collective passions to offer their first very own retreat.

Jonathan Samalin

Jonathan Samalin

When I first laid the foundation at Casa Nautika, my goal was to share just a few ideas that helped me along my path towards optimal health and personal growth. Although I’ve always been passionate about supporting others on their path towards a better self, I never imagined I’d have the opportunity to help people escape from modern-world chaos and unlock better versions of themselves. Yet, here I am sharing with you.

Spending 14 years as a NYC school educator, I believed I’d been living a pretty fulfilled life. My administrator’s salary and an abundance of vacation time allowed for so many adventures around the world. Whenever I had the chance, I didn’t hesitate to escape the fast-paced demands of the modern concrete jungle. I was either in the REAL jungle of Costa Rica, up in the mountains in my VW van, on my sailboat, or playing lost and found in places like Kathmandu, Marrakech or Ibiza. I spent lots of money on my escapes and escape vehicles which were super rad! I even had a Honda Ruckus scooter that fit inside the VW van AND a dinghy for the sailboat. I had escape vehicles from the escape vehicles!!!!  

It was all a sweet breath of fresh air from the daily ‘grind’, but over time, this became a continuous stale loop of chasing the next desire to escape an unfulfilling career and a mind that always demanded more… and more… and more...  I self-medicated my sense of unfulfillment by spending excess amounts of money on the city lifestyle and adventure traveling as much as possible.

I also medicated my chronic back pain with a cocktail of Western ‘medicine’ which lead to addiction. Ughhh!  What a cycle! This was all an unhealthy way of hitting the dopamine button constantly! My inner voice always muttered discontent with my decisions and I always silenced it with the next dopamine injection. Eventually, that inner voice began to scream, reminding me there had to be a better way than just coping with an unfulfilling lifestyle and physical pain.

Around the time that the scream was loudest, a trusted friend reached out, suggesting I join in a meditation retreat involving sacred plant medicine. He said it might improve my overall wellness and reveal what my true path could look like. I tried almost everything to alleviate my physical and mental pain with little success, so I figured I’d give it a go.

The experience was life-changing. I observed a shift in my consciousness to a place of clarity, awareness, and connection. My mind became calm! I had no desire to engage in destructive thought patterns such as self-judgement & doubt. No desire to reach for a pill or find the next flight out! I had no desire to reach for my phone and scroll through senseless social media or news or engage in debate that really went nowhere.

This experience showed me a different way of being, of experiencing, of connecting and relating. I simply wanted to just ‘be’ and connect with loving friends. I was inspired to fill my body with clean food, air & water and to plant my feet on the grass or dirt or sand or in the ocean.  I wanted to play music and dance. I was finally able to connect with my authentic self.

While the plant medicine was no magic “life will be perfect forever” pill, it revealed my unconscious, unhealthy behavioral patterns which held me back from my optimal self. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I was finally able to see the light.  

Most importantly, I was able to connect with an inspiring community of individuals who shared the same values and interests. I also began to engage much more in subtle yet profoundly influential wellness practices such as self-care, yoga, meditation and lots of musical engagement.

This new waking practice took lots of work and it just wasn’t conducive to being in the city.  So that was that! I finally cut the cord and moved to Costa Rica. Inspired by my transformation, I wanted to find a way to share these benefits and practices with others.  

And here we are!  The doors are open, and we invite you to come share this amazing space!  Here, I’ve been super fortunate to witness people awakening their hidden inner potential and creating life changes they never knew were possible.

Without spiritual egos, fluffy new age practices, or the corporate retreat center vibe, Casa Nautika is a nurturing home away from home. We are your sanctuary for complete, grounded transformation.  

 Pura Vida,

~ Jonathan


Jessica Petrone

 Jessica has been devoted to working in the healing arts and sciences for the last 18 years. She holds great dedication and conviction to working in service to others through a non-judgmental and empathetic space, as well as through her synergetic relationship with the natural world. It was through her two years living in a rural African village that she received a grounded message to work with others by providing guidance in accessing deep connections to self (mind, body, emotion, spirit), community, and the natural world, and how to find balance among all three components to fashion a meaningful existence. Years later, Jessica was granted the privilege to work with like-hearted and minded mental health professionals while earning her Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with specializations in Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy, while also continuing her lifelong passion as a naturalist.

As a Licened Professional Counselor, Ecotherapist, and Psychedelic Integration Provider, she works from a foundation of unconditional positive regard, intuition, and compassion for others, she empowers individuals to recognize and ignite the fire within, as they learn tools to practice self-exploration, inner healing, mindfulness, ecotherapy and more. Plant medicine has been a strong catalyst in her life, both on an individual level and over the past three years as another gateway to supporting others in their personal psycho-spiritual journeys. Jessica has been humbled and honored to be able to serve as an integration provider for individuals preparing for, sitting with, and integrating psychedelic experiences, particularly with the sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca. Beyond anything else, she is grateful to be able to show up in this world to answer her deep calling to be of service to those ready to take a step forward on their healing path.